Accidental Change

A character with this Disadvantage has at least two forms or identities and sometimes accidentally or involuntarily changes between them. Accidental Change is most often used in the horror and comic book superhero genres. It is not appropriate for normal characters in the Atlantean World.

The character defines the circumstances under which he changes and the likelihood the change occurs. (If he has multiple alternate forms, he must also define which one he Accidentally Changes into). The accompanying table shows the points received for Accidental Change. The GM must decide whether a circumstance is Uncommon, Common, or Very Common.

Every Phase a character is exposed to the circumstances that can trigger his change, he should roll against his Accidental Change. If the character rolls under the listed number, he immediately changes form (unless the GM chooses to lengthen or delay the change slightly for dramatic effect). He may not change back until the circumstances that caused the change have altered. This change is involuntary; if the character wants to be able to change voluntarily, he can do so simply by activating his Powers (or, if he wants to alter his clothing, by buying an “Instant Change” Cosmetic Transform).

Value Circumstances
5 Uncommon Circumstance
10 Common Circumstance
15 Very Common Circumstances
Value Chance To Change
+ 0 Infrequently ( 8 – )
+ 5 Frequently ( 11 – )
+ 10 Very Frequently ( 14 – )
+ 15 Always

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Accidental Change

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