During their early exploration of the forests and mountains of the Great Island, the Atlanteans encountered a race of winged men known as the Alarii (singular: Alar). Regarding them as children of the gods, the Atlanteans treated them with kindness and respect. In time an alliance was formed, and today many Alarii serve Atlantis in its armies and other special jobs.

Alarii look more like ordinary men than Atlantean men, though they tend to be tall and slender. Their hair and eyes are both usually dark; members of both genders generally keep their hair cut short. Large, feathered wings sprout from their shoulder-blades, allowing them to fly.

Alarii tend to dress in layers so they can protect themselves against the chill of the upper airs but strip down to light clothing when on the ground during warm weather. Both genders typically wear leather pants, soft (but durable) cloth shoes, light shirts, a vest, and a leather coat. When near the ground in warm weather men typically wear nothing but pants, women pants and a light sleeveless shirt.

The Alarii are a reclusive folk who prefer to remain in their own communities, only venturing into the lands of men when duty calls or they need something. But their preference for privacy doesn’t mean they’re unfriendly or hostile; they’re happy to welcome Atlantean visitors when circumstances require.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
2 + 2 Strength
6 + 2 Dexterity
4 + 2 Constitution
8 Wings: Flight 6"; Restrainable (- 1/2)
-10 Distinctive Feature: Alarii (Concealable with Difficulty, Noticed and Recognised)
10 Total Cost of Package

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