For many characters, a high degree of anonymity is a valuable asset — what the authorities don’t know about someone, they can’t use to catch him. With the GM’s permission, characters can buy this Perk. Anonymity means no official or guardsman records exist regarding the character — or if they do exist, they don’t contain any truly useful information.

If Anonymity is bought before a character has the chance to establish a record for criminal, dissident, rebel, or other illicit conduct, it costs 3 Character Points. If purchased aft er the character has attracted the attention of the authorities, it may cost more than 3 points (possibly much more). The cost depends upon how much information the authorities have on the character and how damaging it is. (Of course, the GM should not allow a PC to buy this Perk after the game begins without running an appropriate adventure to explain its effects).

Like many Perks, Anonymity can be nullified. If the authorities acquire information about the character after he purchases Anonymity, the effects of the Perk are diminished or lost. In this case, the character does not get the Character Points he spent on Anonymity back — and if he wants to preserve his Anonymity, he’ll have to purchase the Perk again (and go through a suitable adventure as he tries to erase what they know).

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