An archer is a fighter who specializes in ranged combat using the bow (or, more rarely, the crossbow). Able to hit a troll in the eye from a hundred paces, he significantly expands an army’s, or an adventuring party’s, tactical options. He wears light armour so he can move quickly, and usually carries a short weapon (such as a dagger, short sword, or hand axe) for close-in fighting.

Cost Ability
3 + 3 STR
24 + 8 DEX
6 + 3 CON
6 + 2 with Bows and Crossbows
8 Range Skill Levels: +4 versus Range Modifier for Bows and Crossbows
4 KSs (4 points’ worth pertaining to fighting and military matters)
4 WF: Common Melee Weapons, WF: Common Missile Weapons
12 12 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Climbing, Combat Skill Levels, Fast Draw (Bows), Healing, Martial Arts (Ranged), Penalty Skill Levels, Persuasion, Rapid Attack (Ranged), Riding, Stealth, Tactics, Tracking, Trading, Weapon Familiarity, Weaponsmith (Muscle-Powered Ranged), any Background Skill

Total Cost Of Package: 67


Cost Option
+ 4 Bowmaster: 1d6 Deadly Blow with Bows
+ 4 Crossbowmaster: 1d6 Deadly Blow with Crossbows

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