Ares is the Great Warrior, the god of the fighting man, the irresistible soldier. He usually appears to his worshippers as a gigantic warrior wearing Atlantean-style armor and wielding his spear Skorazon, which can shatter mountains in a single blow, and a mighty shield. In Atlantean portrayals all his gear is colored red, representing the fact that it’s drenched in the blood of the demons and other foes he slaughters.

But there are other aspects to Ares than just fighting. As the wielder of spear and bow he’s also the patron of hunters, the god men pray to for success in finding and bringing down game. As the maker of death on the battlefield, he’s also the god of the underworld. Besides his glittering, martial-themed palace on Mt. Oeranos, he maintains a much darker, more somber residence in Dardaros, where he rules over the hosts of the dead.

According to Atlantean tales, Ares tends to be temperamental, fickle, and even capricious – much like the fortunes of war itself. He’ll take a fancy to something (a beautiful Atlantean maiden for instance), and pursue it ardently, becoming furious if he cannot obtain it. But once he obtains it, he tends to grow tired of it quickly and move on to something else.

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