The Dominion of Atlantis is famous for its athletic competitions, in which not only Atlanteans but peoples from all parts of the world compete for both prizes and fame. Atlantean Age athletes generally do not “specialize”; they’re trained to compete in all of the standard events at the games: racing on foot and in the water; hurling the discus and javelin; jumping for distance; and wrestling. Boxing competitions are separate, but many Athletes compete in them as well.

Cost Ability
2 PS: Throw Discus 11 -
2 PS: Throw Javelin 11 -
6 Running + 3”
2 Swimming + 2”
2 Leaping + 2”
21 Wrestling (all Maneuvers from Wrestling in the Ultimate Martial Artist, page 61)
Value Disadvantage
5 Rivalry: Professional, with one or more other athletes

Total Cost Of Package Abilities: 30

Cost Option
20 Atlantean Boxing: 20 Character Points’ worth of Pankration Maneuvers (See The Ultimate Martial Artist page 48)

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