The Atlanteans are the predominant people of the Age named for them — a chosen people gifted by the gods with a wondrous home, the capacity for immense magical power, and personal attributes that are the envy of all other humans. Compared to ordinary humans, Atlanteans have longer lifespans and are, on the average, more athletic, smarter, and better looking.

Ironically, they’re not even a majority on their home island, thanks to influxes of immigrants from conquered lands… but there’s no question that they’re firmly in control, socially, politically, and economically. Non-Atlanteans are very much second-class citizens on the Great Island — but even allowing for that, life is so good on Atlantis that many people want to go live there.

Atlantean males are usually 5’10” to 6’6” tall; the women range from about 5’6” to 6’0”. Both genders tend to be slender, with well-proportioned figures. Atlanteans have blonde, brown, or black hair (though in some times and places Atlantean women magically color their hair in all sorts of exotic shades, such as purple and teal). Women typically keep their hair long (often waist length, or even longer), sometimes binding it up in elaborate coifs held in place with jeweled pins, delicate bone or shell haircombs, or the like. Both genders tend to have blue, green, or hazel eyes; dark eyes (which are common in all other parts of the world, including Lemuria) are regarded in Atlantean culture as a sign of low character and a reason to distrust that person.

Atlantean men usually wear a mid-thigh length, short-sleeved tunic, shoulder-pieces from which hang a cloak, bracers, pants, and boots; some add a headband or other headwear to keep the hair out of the eyes. Atlantean women typically wear a two-piece garment called a vakiri. The top part covers the breasts, shoulders, and upper arms, and often has a plunging neckline. If she wishes to wear a cape, brooch-like clasps fit on either side of the neck to hold it. The bottom part is an ankle-length skirt held at the waist with a sash. (Thus, her midriff is bare, as is most of her arms.) On her feet she has elegant sandals. She often adorns herself with several pieces of delicate, beautifully-made jewelry.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
1 + 1 Strength
3 + 1 Dexterity
2 + 1 Constitution
3 + 3 Intelligence
3 + 3 Presence
1 + 2 Comliness
2 Atlantean Lifespan: Life Support (Longevity: 400 Years)
- 5 Distinctive Feature: Atlantean (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
10 Total Cost of Package

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