Atlantean Emaeros

The emaeroi, or adventuring traders, are some of the most colourful characters in all of Atlantis… though many of them spend little time on the Great Island. They travel the world, typically on their own ships but sometimes on the ships of others, in search of new products to trade and the best deals. An emaeros is frequently searching for the latest luxury product that he hopes will catch the fancy of Atlantean society and make him, rich, but he never overlooks something he might profit from: the relics of ancient civilizations; enchanted items and substances; old books; fine art.

Cost Ability
3 + 1 DEX
3 + 3 CON
3 + 3 INT
5 + 5 PRE
5 PS: Appraising (INT + 2)
3 Bribery
3 Bureaucratics
10 10 points’ worth of AKs, CKs, and CuKs
4 4 points’ worth of Languages
1 Literacy
3 Navigation (Land, Sea)
2 PS: Trader 11 -
7 Trading (PRE + 2)
3 TF: Riding Animals, TF: Atlantean Water Vessels
5 Money: Well Off
6 6 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acting, Animal Handler, Concealment, Combat Sailing, Conversation, Gambling, Courtier, Oratory, Riding, Seduction, Streetwise, Survival, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill, Contact, Money
Value Disadvantage
5 Rivalry: Professional, with merchants and traders

Total Cost Of Package Abilities: 61

Cost Option
+ 5 Prosperous Merchant: Add Money (5 points)
+ 10 Wealthy Merchant: Add Money (10 points)

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Atlantean Emaeros

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