Atlantean Nobleman

Atlantean nobles are among the wealthiest, most sophisticated, and most educated people in the world. Although many of them are content to while away their days in idle luxury, others serve their kingdom by joining the military, hunting fierce beasts and monsters, financing trade and exploration expeditions, working in the government, or advising the kings and Atlan.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
3 + 3 Intelligence
5 + 5 Presence
3 Conversation (9+ (Int/5))
3 High Society (9+ (Int/5))
6 Fringe Benefit: Lordship
5 Money: Well Off
6 6pts of Skills or Perks from the following List:
Acting, Bureaucratics, Concealment, Gambling, Oratory, Persuasion, Riding, Seduction, Stealth, Survival, Tracking, Trading, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill, Well-Connected, Contact
31 Total Cost of Package

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Atlantean Nobleman

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