Atlantean Priest

The following Package Deals cover the gamut of ‘Primary’ (Active) Atlantean priests. In addition to the skills and learning which are common to all priests, a priest has special abilities granted to him by the god they primarily worship:

Ares: Priests of Ares are expected to train as soldiers, to learn the use of weapons, and to become skilled in battle. They often accompany the Atlantean army to war.

Astranar: Priests of Astranar have the power to control the weather to a limited degree. It takes 20 minutes of intense concentration to begin the process. Once the spell has been cast, the weather slowly alters to the desired state in 1d6 hours. It remains like that for another 1d6 hours and then returns to what it was like before the priest changed it in 1d6 x 10 minutes.

Eordica: Priestesses of Eordica have the power to make a person, animal, or plant more fertile for a short period. This doesn’t guarantee conception or enhanced growth, but it definitely makes it more likely.

Erestaia: Priestesses of Erestaia are skilled at the domestic arts. Wealthy families often hire them to look after the children.

Helios: Priests of Helios can create light, bringing the god’s power into dark places. They are also handsome and have a powerful speaking voice.

Orikailos: Priests of Orikailos are almost always wizards as well, and the god has gifted them with a particular skill for spellcasting.

Phestos: Priests of Phestos are skilled craftsmen, particularly at the forge.

Poseidon: Priests of Poseidon are capable of breathing water, and can even extend this power to other people for short periods.

Selene: The beautiful Priestesses of Selene can also create light, and though their light is softer and dimmer, and they can create it at range if desired.

Tikarion: Priests of Tikarion are known for their impressive demeanour, leadership skills, and insight.

Cost Ability
3 +3 INT
10 +5 EGO
3 +3 PRE
3 KS: Atlantean Theology And Divine Lore (INT)
1 Literacy
3 Oratory
3 Persuasion
2 PS: Atlantean Priest 11-
2 PS: Perform Sacrifice 11-
3 Fringe Benefit: Religious Rank
1 Fringe Benefit: Right To Marry
6 6 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acting, Conversation, Deduction, Courtier, Paramedics (Healing), Riding, Stealth, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill
13 Deity-specific ability (see below)
Cost Ability
13 Ares: + 1 with All Combat; 5 points’ worth of WFs
13 Astranar: Alter Weather: Change Environment (alter the weather) 4” radius, + / – 4 Temperature Levels, Multiple Combat Effects, Long-Lasting (see text), Varying Combat Effects, Varying Effect (+ 1), MegaArea (1” = 1 km broad and wide; + 1/4) (92 Active Points); Concentration (0 DCV throughout casting; – 1), Extra Time (20 Minutes; – 2 1/2), Gestures (two hands throughout casting; – 1), Gradual Effect (see text; – 1/2), Incantations (throughout casting; – 1/2), Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; – 1/2), No Range (- 1/2), Spell (- 1/2)
13 Eordica: Increase Fertility: Minor Transform 6d6 (fertile person, animal, or plant to much more fertile; heals back normally) (60 Active Points); Concentration (0 DCV throughout casting; – 1), Extra Time (1 Turn; – 1), Gestures (throughout casting; – 1/2), Incantations (throughout casting; – 1/2), Limited Target (fertile living beings as described; – 1/2), Limited Range (5") (- 1/4)
13 Erestaia: 13 points’ worth of PS pertaining to homemaking and child-rearing
13 Helios: Brand Of Helios: Sight Group Images 1” radius, + 4 to Sight Group PER Rolls (22 Active Points); No Range (- 1/2), Only To Create Light (- 1); +6 COM, + 1 with Oratory
13 Orikailos: + 4 with Magic Spell skill rolls; + 1 to any one Background Skill roll pertaining to magic or theology
13 Phestos: PS: Blacksmith (INT) plus 10 points’ worth of PS pertaining to arts and crafts
13 Poseidon:At Home In The Water: Life Support (Underwater Breathing), Usable Simultaneously (up to 8 people; + 1), No LOS Needed after initial activation (+ 1/2)
13 Selene: Brand Of Selene: Sight Group Images, + 2 to Sight Group PER Rolls, Increased Size (2” radius; +1/4) (20 Active Points); Only To Create Light (- 1); + 6 COM
13 Tikarion: + 5 PRE, + 5 INT, KS: Atlantean Law (INT)


Value Disadvantage
- 25 Psychological Limitation: Devotion To The God And His Purposes (Very Common, Total)
- 20 Social Limitation: Subject To Orders (Very Frequently, Major)

Total Cost of Package: 6 points


Cost Option
13 Spell Caster: Divine Magic Skill (9+ Ego/5, +5)
20 God-Given Powers: 20 Character Points’ worth of Divine spells (See Magic)

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Atlantean Priest

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