Atlantean Spy

It is not by magic alone that Atlantis maintains her power. A wise empire learns all that it can about its enemies (or potential enemies)… and that’s where the Atlantean spy comes in. Sent into the world to ferret out secrets about the Tellats, the Kaphtorans, and most especially the Lemurians, he prefers to rely on his skills and wits rather than wizardry, for casting Atlantean spells would surely give him away.

Cost Ability
9 + 3 DEX
3 + 3 INT
3 + 3 PRE
3 Bribery
3 Conversation
3 Cryptography
3 Deduction
3 Disguise
3 Shadowing
3 Stealth
9 9 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acting, Bureaucratics, Climbing, Combat Skill Levels, Concealment, Cramming, Forgery, Gambling, Courtier, Lipreading, Lockpicking, Martial Arts, Navigation, Persuasion, Trapbreaker, Seduction, Skill Levels, Sleight Of Hand, Streetwise, Tracking, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill, Contacts


Value Disadvantage
- 20 Hunted: enemies of Atlantis 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Kill)

Total Cost of Package: 25 points

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Atlantean Spy

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