Atlantean Wizard

Atlantean wizards are the most skilled and powerful spellcasters in the world. Their lore is deep, their repertoire of spells vast, and their arcane might unparalleled. Beyond that it’s hard to stereotype them; they run the gamut from somber and serious to lighthearted and puckish.

They’re a fractious lot, often debating the finer points of arcane and mundane lore endlessly, even to the point where serious hatreds arise.

Cost Ability
6 + 2 DEX
6 + 3 CON
10 + 10 INT
20 + 10 EGO
10 + 10 PRE
2 Cryptography; Translation Only (- 1/2)
3 Deduction
3 Spell Research
3 KS: Arcane And Occult Lore (INT)
1 Literacy
7 Magic: Atlantean Magic (INT + 2)
3 Trading
6 6 points’ worth of Skills and Perks from the following list: Acting, Analyze Magic, Animal Handler, Bureaucratics, Concealment, Conversation, Cramming, Cryptography, Embalming, Forgery, Gambling, Courtier, Oratory, Healer, Persuasion, Sleight Of Hand, Stealth, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill, Contact
10 Perk: Atlantean Wizard (includes Arkanoi Legoteros VPP for free; see Magic Section)
10 Perk: Orichalcum Supply
60 Arkanoi Segalos (Greater Powers) Multipowers and spells (see Magic Section)
Value Disadvantage
5 Rivalry: Professional, with one or more other wizards

Total Cost Of Package: 155

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Atlantean Wizard

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