Atlantean Wizard Perk

Atlantean characters who want to cast spells must buy this 10 Character Point Perk. It gives them access to their lesser spells (known as Arkanoi Legoteros).

These are a wide variety of spells of minor power — or at least “minor power” as Atlantean wizards define the term. Many of the Lesser Powers are mighty by the standards of ordinary folk, and non-Atlantean spellcasters are quite envious of Atlanteans’ abilities to so effortlessly command magics they (the outsiders) consider powerful.

In game terms, the Lesser Powers are represented this way: Variable Power Pool (Atlantean Lesser Powers Pool), 30 base + 15 control cost, No Skill Roll Required (+ 1). While this would ordinarily cost 60 Character Points, Atlantean Wizards get this Power Pool “for free” when they buy the Atlantean Wizard Perk.

While the Arkanoi Legoteros is typically used for fairly trivial magics, there are no restrictions on what a wizard can do with it aside from:

(a) the rules governing Atlantean wizardry (see below)
(b) a requirement to have a Greater Power Multipower for any category of spell the character wants to cast with his Lesser Powers VPP (for example, a character without a Light Multipower can’t use his VPP to create a Light-based spell), The Categories are Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Light Magic, Order Magic, and Arcane Magic
(c) standard HERO System rules (e.g., he cannot use a Lesser Power spell to augment a Greater Power spell bought in a Multipower). He could, for example, use it to blast an enemy with an RKA 2d6 lightning bolt.

Rules of Atlantean Wizardry

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Atlantean Wizard Perk

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