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The island of Atlantis, seat of the Dominion and center of the world, occupies the north-central body of water known as the Atlantean Sea almost equidistantly between the continents of Pelasgar, Sangobar, and Tel’Ramas. It’s approximately 400 miles across at its widest point north-south and 700 miles at its widest extent east-west (making it a little larger in area than present-day Alaska).

In its earliest days Atlantis was mostly magical wilderness, a place where the Ten Brothers could grow into their power, satisfy their earliest stirrings of wanderlust, and learn to be heroes. As they have aged and more people have come to live on the Great Island, it’s become far less wild and much more settled, though many dark forests, treacherous mountains, deep lakes, and rushing rivers still exist as homes for great beasts, monsters, and other threats. An Atlantean hero-to-be need not leave his homeland to begin his life of adventure!

The Ten Brothers long ago divided Atlantis into ten kingdoms or provinces, one for each of them. Atlanteans often argue long and hard about which realm is the best or most pleasant, but in truth all are wondrous places, and their inhabitants the envy of all other peoples of the world.

In the following lines, the bracketed letters refer to which non-human PC races can be found in this area, and thus which are available to play from that area: (A = Alarii, C = Centaur and S = Satyr)

Atlan’Elos, The Capital City – Ruled by Atlan Vondarien
Anthele – Ruled by King Euaemon ( C, S )
Aratolia – Ruled by King Mestor ( A, C, S )
Argolis – Ruled by King Gadrius ( C )
Evoia – Ruled by King Azaes ( A, C )
Laconia – Ruled by King Elasippus ( C )
Messania – Ruled by King Mneseus ( A, C, S )
Paros – Ruled by King Autocthon ( A, C )
Sephailios – Ruled by King Diaprepes ( A, C )
Zanthinus – Ruled by King Ampheres ( C, S )

Mount Oeranos – Home of the Gods of Atlantis

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Atlantis Package

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