Avaria Package

Avaria is one of three northern realms founded by the Hazarian tribes millennia ago. Exposure to Simbrian, and later Atlantean, ideas and technologies led them to abandon the original Hazarian lifestyle in favor of a more “civilized” life. Avaria was created by the mighty warrior Avar, who claimed the lands along the Shulgar River and built a village, Neibel, that later grew into a sizable town and the seat of the Avarian prince. Avaria’s early history mainly revolves around skirmishes and minor wars with Hernicia, with whom it’s often disputed borders and other matters.

But ultimately the two kingdoms had much in common, and were driven closer together when the Lemurians conquered most of Sangobar. With Varinia they stubbornly resisted Lemurian rule as best they could, though they could not stand against the Empire in a pitched battle. As Lemuria’s fortunes and influence waned, the three Hazarian kingdoms looked around them and saw the rising threat of Hazaria to the west, and the growing power of Atlantis to the east.

Realizing one or the other would likely overwhelm them one day, they decided to choose the lesser of two evils. Recognizing Atlantis’s sophistication, wealth, and might as the greater and more beneficial, they sent a delegation to Atlan’elos to petition for admittance into the Dominion. The Atlan granted their request, naming their royal families as hereditary lines of princes.

Since then Avaria has been a relatively peaceful and prosperous place, though it must occasionally call on Atlantis for help to resist some scheme or incursion from Hazaria. Its people mostly farm and fish, though Neibel has become a trade center of minor importance since the Shulgar is navigable by large ships all the way up to it. The current Prince, Caluvar, is a practical-minded man who’s always looking for ways to increase his wealth and influence while keeping a relatively low profile.

Onitrios Keep
To protect Avaria and Hernicia from Hazarian aggression, several hundred years ago the Atlantean general Onitrios, of the line of Azaes, built an enormous keep on the borderlands. Although its primary purpose is still defensive, over the years a bustling little town has grown up around it and it’s become a sort of trading post between the Dominion and the Hazarian Empire. Despite this, much of the land around it remains wild and beast-infested, and to the west are many dangerous Hazarian tribes, so visitors must remain wary.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Avaria 8 -
L: Hazarian (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman – Pick one) 11 -

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Avaria Package

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