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Between the Markalena and Saka Rivers lies the land of Avaris, a windswept and often chilly land of prairies and scrub forests. Its western regions are more hilly as it approaches the mountains, but few people live there; most Avarins cluster in the eastern half, particularly in and around the prince’s seat, Tamyr. The capital was once little more than a fishing camp that had grown into a town as trade across the Sea of Allakh increased.

Wanting a central trading point on the lake, the Ten Brothers used their magic to raise an entire city out of the ground overnight. Originally the new Tamyr had a distinctively Atlantean style and look to it, but over the centuries the Avarins have added buildings of their own and redone others to suit their preferences so that now the city has a strange, eclectic look not quite like any other place in the world.

Avarins who don’t reside in or near Tamyr usually live in small communities, or isolated, round-roofed houses known as jurets which are sunk partly into the ground for protection against wind, storms, and cold. They usually survive through a combination of farming and hunting the rakats, a large herd animal whose meat is delicious and whose fur and hide make excellent clothing.

The current ruler of the Avarins is Prince Margano, who answers to King Diaprepes. He was born in a small western town and as a young man joined the Avarin Guard, which protects the realm from Sakasian and Skraythan raiders. He did well and rose through the ranks, and when the old prince died without heirs Diaprepes saw him as a worthy successor. So far he’s proven his overlord right with a firm but fair style of rule.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Avaris 8 -
L: Avarin (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter – Pick one) 11 -

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Avoris Package

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