Baltaria Package

Baltaria is a small, almost backwater realm between the mountains, Truscoran lands, Larasa, and the Angettor River. Originally its people were semi-nomadic tribes, but they quickly fell to the might of Atlantis. The Atlanteans forced them to settle down, build towns and villages, and learn farmwork, timber harvesting, crafts, and other civilized pursuits. Even today, centuries later, there are Baltarians who hear stories of “the way things used to be” that have been handed down through their families for generations and come to resent the Atlantean yoke.

The Baltarians lead a sort of split existence. In the late spring and summer they farm, hunt, cut timber from the Spressorian Greatwoods, and prepare for the coming cold weather by salting away as much meat, vegetables, and fish as they can. (Baltarian cuisine does not enjoy a good reputation among most other peoples, but the Baltarians themselves love the saltiness of it.) During the long, harsh winters they stay inside as much as possible and create craftworks they can sell. They’re particularly known for the quality of the illuminated books they produce (almost entirely for the Atlantean market) and for their finely-woven baskets.

Regava, the Baltarian capital, is shared with the kingdom of Larasa. A small river runs down the center of the town, dividing it into two districts. The Baltarian and Larasan residents often compete with one another in the name of district pride, though both princes usually stop things before any violence results.

Prince Torvo of Baltaria is an educated and diplomatic man who studied history, literature, and magic in Atlantis before succeeding his father on the throne. While he’s no match for an Atlantean wizard he commands significant powers; once he diverted a tremendous rainstorm away from Regava to save the town from being flooded.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Baltaria 8 -
L: Baltarian (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, Lumberjack, Basketweaver – Pick one) 11 -

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Baltaria Package

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