Also known as an outlaw, highwayman, or wolf ’s-head, a bandit is a rogue, thief, and perhaps killer who lives in the wilderness. He (often together with a group of other bandits) preys upon hapless travellers, lone farmsteads, and the like.

Cost Ability Cost
3 Riding
3 Stealth
3 Concealment
2 Survival (choose one category)
4 WF: Common Melee Weapons, WF: Common Missile Weapons
12 12 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acrobatics, Animal Handler, Breakfall, Climbing, Combat Skill Levels, Contortionist, Deduction, Fast Draw, Gambling, Torture, Lipreading, Literacy, Mimicry, Penalty Skill Levels, Shadowing, Streetwise, Tactics, Tracking, Trading, Ventriloquism, Weapon Familiarity, any Background Skill

Total Cost Of Package: 27

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