Centaurs are half-man, half-horse creatures; they have the upper torso, arms, and head of a man projecting from the front of a horse’s body where the horse’s neck and head would normally be. They’re large, heavy, strong, and can run with great speed, but their form makes some tasks difficult. For example, they have trouble climbing narrow or winding staircases, and cannot sit in chairs or climb trees.

As with the Alarii and the Satyrs, the Atlanteans first encountered the Ccentaurs, who live in the meadowlands and fields of parts of the Great Island, during the early years of exploration. In those early days centaurs were far more bestial than they are now, and far more dangerous to the Atlanteans. Through centuries of contact the Centaurs gradually came to learn and adopt the Atlanteans’ ways and establish a true society. They’ll never be as “tame as a two-legs” (as they call humans), for even today their culture involves a lot of rough behaviour: sports challenges (particularly wrestling and racing); insult competitions; accepting and completing dangerous dares; drinking to excess (they particularly enjoy wine, and easily get drunk on it); and more. But they have become civilized enough to interact with the Atlanteans in a friendly and diplomatic manner.

More than a few Centaurs serve as heavy cavalry or scouts in the Atlantean army. As fighters they prefer the bow, the heavy spear, and the battle-axe. To be given a bow by the Centaurs is a mark of their great favour, though Centaur bows have such heavy pulls that only the greatest human heroes can actually use them.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
10 + 10 Strength
6 + 2 Dexterity
8 + 4 Constitution
8 + 4 Body
8 Horses Legs: +4" Running
6 Heavy: 3" Knockback Resistance
7 Kick/Rear: + 2d6 HA, Hand to Hand attack (- 1/2)
- 5 Physical Limitation: Large (4m, -2 DCV, +2 to PER to Spot) (Inf/Slight)
- 5 Physical Limitation: Equinoid Form (Makes some tasks difficult/impossible) (Inf/Slight)
- 5 Physical Limitation: Prone to Drunkenness (-3 to Con Rolls to resist drunkeness) (Inf/Slight)
-10 Distinctive Feature: Centaur (Concealable with Difficulty, Noticed and Recognised)
28 Total Cost of Package

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