Character Creation

Most of you are at least semi- used to the Hero System by now. How Atlantis differs however is in 2 primary ways.

1. Power Level
As a non-“Super heroic” campaign, the points that characters are built upon are a lot less. An Atlantean character is built on 100 Base Points, with up to 100 points gained from Disadvantages.

2. Equipment
Normal (non-unique) equipment (Including property, servants and animals) doesn’t cost points. In an Atlantean campaign, that can include ‘mass produced’ Mystical equipment (such as Golden Armour or Warriorblades) as well, as such things are part of everyday reality for the people of Atlantis. This means Perks such as “Money” and “Rank” become a lot more important. Truely Magical, or Unique items are still bought with points, however.

To help create your character, some Racial, Cultural, Background and Professional Packages have been created:

a) Races of Atlantis

b) Cultures of Atlantis

c) The Atlantean Zodiac

d) The Atlantean Advantage

e) Professions of Atlantis

In addition, the “basics” of Character Creation are presented below. Players are reminded that Characters are built using 100 Base Points, and UP TO 100 additional Points from Disadvantages (not including any on Disadvantages on Package Deals – These are accumulated separately).

f) Characteristics

g) Skills

h) Skill Enhancers

i) Talents

j) Perks

k) Disadvantages

l) Magic Section

j) Price Lists (Still Under Construction – Don’t Worry About These For Now)

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Character Creation

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