A set of Characteristics representing natural attributes (such as physical strength, intellect, and willpower) describes every character. Each Characteristic has a numerical value — a rating indicating how the character compares to other characters, whether he’s better or worse. The higher a Characteristic, the better a character is at whatever that Characteristic represents.

For example, a character with Strength 20 is stronger than one with Strength 15. HERO System characters have two types of Characteristics: Primary and Figured.

Primary Characteristics
Primary Characteristics represent a character’s physical and mental capabilities. All PCs and important NPCs start with a value of 10 in each of their Primary Characteristics; less important or skilled NPCs may start with lower values (typically 5-8). The accompanying table lists the Primary Characteristics and how many Character Points it costs to raise each one’s value by 1.

Sometimes a character wants to have a negative Primary Characteristic. For example, many small animals and feeble characters have a negative STR. A negative Primary Characteristic reduces a character’s related Figured Characteristics as if the number were a positive integer.

Characteristic Base Value Cost per Point Max Value (*)
Strength (STR) 10 1 30
Dexterity (DEX) 10 3 30
Constitution (CON) 10 2 30
Body (BOD) 10 2 30
Intelligence (INT) 10 1 30
Ego (EGO) 10 2 30
Presence (PRE) 10 1 30
Comeliness (COM) 10 1/2 30

Figured Characteristics
The second type of Characteristic is Figured Characteristics, so called because you derive their base values from a character’s Primary Characteristics. Figured Characteristics mainly represent various combat capabilities. You can raise or lower Figured Characteristics independently of the Primary Characteristics by spending Character Points.

The numbers may not come out evenly when you use these formulae. When a number has a fractional remainder, you apply the rounding rules: numbers from .1 to .4 round down; numbers from .6 to .9 round up; and .5 rounds up or down depending upon what’s best for the character. The only exception to this rule is calculating SPDSPD always rounds down. A SPD of 2.9 is still a SPD of 2, not a SPD of 3.

Characteristic Formula for Base Value Cost per Point Max Value (*)
Physical Defence (PD) (STR/5) 1 12
Energy Defence (ED) (CON/5) 1 12
Speed (SPD) (DEX/10) +1 10 6
Recovery (REC) (STR/5) + (CON/5) 2 15
Endurance (END) (CON*2) 1/2 75
Stun (STN) (BOD) + (STR/2) + (CON/2) 1 75
(*) After This Point, Characteristic Costs are Doubled!

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