Combat Luck

This Talent represents a character’s ability to avoid damage in combat due to luck, skill, training, or some similar reason. Although referred as Combat Luck, it can indicate a character’s skill at dodging attacks (it’s sometimes known as the “just missed me!” effect).

Combat Luck provides a character with 3 points of Resistant PD and ED. This defense is considered Hardened. It works together with any other applicable defenses a character has, such as his innate PD/ED, armour he wears, and the like.

Because Combat Luck depends on a character’s ability to dodge, block, or otherwise avoid damage, it doesn’t work if he’s asleep, unconscious, or deliberately throws himself in the way of an attack (for example, to save a comrade from injury). Nor does it protect him from damage in most situations where he deliberately does something he knows will hurt him (such as performing a Move By/Through, both of which cause him to take some of the damage he does to the target). In some cases Combat Luck won’t apply if the character is Surprised; the GM may require a PER Roll or other roll to determine if the character perceived the attack in time to use his Combat Luck.

Among other things, Combat Luck is a good way for characters in Heroic campaigns to have a little Resistant Defense at all times without having to wear armor everywhere they go.

Characters may not buy Combat Luck more than once.

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Combat Luck

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