Combat Sense

This Talent gives a character the innate ability to fight effectively even while in darkness or blinded. Combat Sense costs 15 Character Points for a base 9 + (INT/5) or less roll, + 1 for 1 Character Point.

A successful Combat Sense roll allows a character to make, or defend himself against, HTH Combat attacks without suffering a penalty to his OCV or DCV because he’s unable to perceive his opponent with a Targeting Sense. The character must roll each Phase to keep track of his opponents; this takes a Half Phase (unless the character pays +2 Character Points to make this ability a Sense). Should the roll fail, the character suffers normal penalties for not being to perceive his opponent with a Targeting Sense.

A character with Combat Sense isn’t restricted to reacting to other attackers. He can use Combat Sense “proactively” to seek out and attack someone who’s in his hex or an adjacent hex without waiting for that person to attack first. It does not, however, allow him to perceive foes who aren’t in his hex or an adjacent hex (unless the GM permits this for some reason). A character cannot extend the “sensory range” of Combat Sense by using long weapons, Stretching, or the like; it only applies to find and fight foes in the same hex or adjacent hex as the character.

Combat Sense has no effect on Ranged combat. The OCV and DCV of a character who’s blinded or in darkness are not affected by Combat Sense when he makes a Ranged attack or is attacked with one.

Combat Sense does not simulate any Sense Group. It stands alone, and only Sense-Affecting Powers specifically bought to affect it can interfere with it.

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Combat Sense

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