Characters can take the Commander Package Deal in addition to any other Warrior Package Deal, though it’s most common for the members of the Atlantean Military. It represents a character who’s a skilled and seasoned leader of fighting men. He knows how to inspire soldiers, keep their morale high, and get the best from them in battle.

This Package Deal does not include any of the Military Rank Fringe Benefits, since it’s possible for a man to be a natural-born leader without having any formal office or rank. However, most characters with this Package Deal do take that Fringe Benefit.

Cost Ability
3 + 3 INT
5 + 5 PRE
3 KS: Heraldry (INT-Based)
3 Oratory
4 + 2 to Riding (Must have Skill)
6 + 3 to Tactics (Must have Skill)

Total Cost Of Package: 24

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