This Package Deal represents any of the typical workers and craftsmen found in the Dominion of Atlantis – blacksmiths, innkeepers, rat-catchers, artists, tailors, builders, miners, and dozens more. Many heroes start their careers as humble craftsmen until adventure comes knocking on their doors.

Cost Ability
3 KS: related to main PS (INT)
3 PS: player’s choice (Characteristic-based)
4 PSs (4 points’ worth)
3 Trading
3 3 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: Acting, Animal Handler, Bureaucratics, Concealment, Conversation, Gambling, Courtier, Oratory, Persuasion, Riding, Seduction, Stealth, Streetwise, Weapon Familiarity, Weaponsmith, any Background Skill

Total Cost Of Package: 16


Cost Option
+ 4 Artisan: KS is Art History (or other appropriate subject), and main PS is Painter, Sculptor, Composer, or the like; add +1 DEX and +1 INT
+ 8 Blacksmith: For KS substitute SS: Metallurgy (INT), main PS is Blacksmith, and Skill pick is Weaponsmith; add +3 STR, +2 CON, and WF: Axes/Maces/Hammers/Picks
+ 1 Cook: KS is Foodstuffs (or Herbalism), and main PS is Cook; add WF: Knives
+ 0 Healer: KS is Herbalism And Healing Lore; substitute Healing for main PS
+ 0 Innkeeper: KS is Local Gossip and Current Events, and main PS is Innkeeper
+ 7 Miner: KS is Gems And Minerals, and main PS is Mining; add +2 STR, +2 CON, and WF: Axes/Maces/Hammers/Picks

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