Crippling Blow

A character with this Talent knows how to strike blows that cripple, or inflict other potentially long-lasting harm on, his targets. By hamstringing an enemy, he can reduce that enemy’s ability to walk or run. By striking a blow to the arm, he can reduce a target’s manual dexterity and ability to attack accurately. A thrust to the right vital organ can reduce a target’s health and hardiness. However, healing magic or methods can reduce the effects of this attack.

In game terms, this Talent allows a character to use various Drains against a target — Drain Running, Drain DEX, and Drain CON, in the above three examples. The character must have a bladed weapon to do this, and the attack does not also inflict BODY damage (it just causes a Drain). The GM decides what types of Drains he will and will not allow a character to make with this Talent.

Additionally, the victim can heal the injury more quickly via magic, chirurgy, or the like: every point of BODY obtained by applying Healing (either the Skill or the Power) to the injury removes 2 points of the Drain effect.

Crippling Blow costs the character 3 END to use.

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Crippling Blow

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