Danger Sense

A character with this Talent has a sixth sense about danger. At its most basic level, Danger Sense prevents the character from being surprised in combat; at more powerful levels, Danger Sense alerts the character to any threat to his person, or even his world.

The character may make a PER Roll to perceive danger in combat for 15 Character Points. Using Danger Sense requires a Half Phase Action; for + 2 Character Points, Danger Sense functions as a Sense (it works all the time; no Half Phases required). A character can increase his Danger Sense roll by + 1 for every + 1 Character Point. A successful roll prevents the character from being surprised in combat by any danger to himself (not to others unless character has bought the Immediate Vicinity enhancement, below).

A character can make his Danger Sense more sensitive by paying more points:

Out Of Combat (+ 5 points): For these additional points, the character who succeeds with a Danger Sense roll will not be surprised while out of combat; he perceives surprise attacks before they occur (if they could be perceived, given his senses). For example, a normal human with this type of Danger Sense could see a sniper who was about to shoot at him from the top of a building, but couldn’t sense that he was walking into a cloud of odorless, colorless gas.

Any Danger (+ 5 points): For these additional points, the Danger Sense transcends normal human senses — the character will be forewarned of any danger to his person, regardless of the source or whether he could detect the danger with his other Senses.

As noted above, most forms of Danger Sense only let a character perceive dangers he could perceive given his other Senses. The benefits to this type of Danger Sense are (a) it doesn’t belong to any Sense Group, and therefore works even when the character’s other Senses are “blinded,” inoperative, or subject to PER Roll penalties; and (b) the character can use his PER Roll as Complementary to his Danger Sense roll. At the GM’s option, Danger Sense might have a slight extrasensory effect, so that it functions as a mild intuition or “sixth sense” that alerts the character even when he can’t perceive the source of the danger with his normal senses (perhaps the character subconsciously notices that something’s “wrong”).

A character can make his Danger Sense cover a broader area and more people by paying more points:

Immediate Vicinity (+5 points): For five more points, a character who succeeds with a Danger Sense roll is forewarned of danger to anyone or anything in his immediate vicinity (say, the room he’s standing in).

This form of Danger Sense do not suffer from the Range Modifier, nor do they require Telescopic or MegaScale to work.

General Area and Any Area enhancements are NOT available in this Campaign.

Normally, Danger Sense just gives a character the “feeling” of being in danger; it doesn’t tell him exactly what danger he’s exposed to or exactly where it’s located. If he reacts, he’s allowed his full DCV against an attack (and may, if he wishes, Abort to a defensive Action such as Dodge). If he rolls less than or equal to half his Danger Sense roll, he can ascertain the true position and type of danger well enough to launch an attack at full OCV.

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Danger Sense

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