Darvilos Package

The southernmost land of Sangobar is Darvilos, a humid tropical/subtropical land where, so the Atlantean stereotype has it, most people seem to devote their energies to avoiding work. The Darvilans aren’t actually any lazier than anyone else, but they’re also not stupid enough to do any more work during the heat of the day than they have to. Many of them live like night owls, sleeping through the daytime and working at night.

The Darvilan capital of Anskar is a relatively young city. The original Anskar was further south and was destroyed during the Battle of Ractoris in the First Lemurian War. The Atlanteans rebuilt the city on the edge of the cliff over which the Ractoris River now poured. To keep the city a viable port, it built a large series of docks at the water’s edge below. The docks are shielded from the falls’ turbulence with magic, and Atlantean wizards crafted an enchanted Levitating Platform to carry goods and people up and down the cliff face. By edict of the Atlan use of the Levitating Platform is free; none may tax it or charge for it. The current Prince, Rastado, is a greedy, calculating man who chafes under this law but doesn’t dare to break it.

Many Darvilans are fishermen, particularly along the western coast, where the Darvilan Reefs create a home for some of the most varied marine life in the world. Most fish using traditional methods, but a special class of fishermen, the achtharons, have chosen a different route. Using strange magical spells which they guard jealously, they give themselves the power to breathe underwater for a short time, coat their bodies in a fine layer of scales, adding a little protection top their flesh, transform their feet into fish-like fins to make swimming easier, and the power to see clearly beneath the waves. Armed with special harpoons, they hunt the reefs for the most valuable fish and resources, such as the gold-and-red-scaled uturu-fish whose meat is so loved by Atlantean chefs. Most prized of all are the enormous pearls created by the reef ’s giant clams, but only the cleverest and most skilled achtharons can retrieve a pearl without falling victim to the clam’s crushing grasp or mysterious hypnotic powers.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Darvilos 8 -
L: Darvilan (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Fisherman) 11 -

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Darvilos Package

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