Deadly Blow

The character’s skill with weapons allows him to strike highly accurate and deadly blows, though usually only in limited circumstances (such as against specific types of foes, only with a specific type of weapon, or only when the target is Surprised).

Characters often rename this Talent to represent exactly what targets it works against (see examples below).

Deadly Blow adds + 1d6 to appropriate Killing Attacks involving weapons. The character must decide when buying the Talent whether it applies to HKAs or RKAs; to apply it to both, he must buy it twice. Characters may buy Deadly Blow multiple times, thus increasing its damage to + 2d6, + 3d6, and so forth.

The damage added by Deadly Blow counts as base damage. That means it not only increases the damage a character’s weapon does, it also improves his ability to increase the weapon’s damage further via STR, Combat Skill Levels, Combat Maneuvers, and the like.

Deadly Blow comes in three forms. The first form applies only in very limited circumstances, as defined by the character when he buys the Talent. This form costs 4 Character Points. Typical examples include:

Blademaster: only works with knives
Bowmaster: only works with bows
Demonslayer: only works versus demons
Dragonslayer: only works versus dragons
Swordmaster: only works with swords
Vampireslayer: only works against vampires

The second form applies only in limited circumstances, as defined by the character when he buys the Talent. This form costs 7 Character Points. Typical examples include:

Assassin’s Touch: only works against humans (or any humanoid race)
Dark Warrior: only works against good creatures
Destroyer Of The Undead: only works against the undead
Lemurian Hunter: only works against Lemurians
Expert Hunter: only works against animals
Monster Hunter: only works against monsters and fantastic beasts
Mounted Combat Master: only works when fighting from horseback
Sacred Warrior: only works against evil creatures
Sneak Attack: only works with blows struck from behind or against Surprised targets

The third form works in any circumstance, with any HTH weapon the characters uses (or Ranged weapons, if he so defines the Talent). This form costs 10 Character Points.

Each die of Deadly Blow costs a character 1 END to use.

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Deadly Blow

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