Deep Cover

A character with this Perk, also known as Alternate Identity, has a long-established, nigh-unquestionable false identity or disguise he can use. The player defines how the character established the Deep Cover — he may have spent years creating an elaborate false persona, killed someone and taken over his identity, or the like. In any case, the cover is so well-established that no one suspects it is a cover. Deep Covers cost 2 Character Points each.

The GM should carefully examine every Deep Cover a character wants to buy to make sure it won’t unbalance the campaign (for example, the GM probably shouldn’t let a PC buy a Deep Cover as the Atlan’s advisor, a commander in the Lancers, or the like).

Characters can lose Deep Covers. If a PC acts oddly for a long time, does something completely out of character, or is somehow discovered, the Deep Cover may be “blown.” That means the character’s been exposed and can never use that identity safely again. The PC does not get the 2 Character Points back to spend again; he loses them forever. The GM may allow him to replace the blown Deep Cover with another Deep Cover, but it should take the PC months or years of game time to craft another such identity.

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Deep Cover

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