Deoghar is a mostly tropical/subtropical continent (though its furthest reaches and mountainous areas can become quite cold during the winter months). As a result, the average Deogharan tends to be shorter and duskier skinned than the typical Atlantean or Lemurian. A Deogharan male usually stands 5’6” to 5’10” tall. In the warmer climes his clothing often consists of just a loincloth and head cloth, though in cooler weather (or if wealthy) he favours robes in a variety of styles and colours. He keeps his black hair short and is more likely clean shaven than not, though certain classes, professions, or religions prefer (or require) beards. His eyes are dark.

Deogharan women have black hair, dark eyes, and dusky skin like Deogharan men, though they let their hair grow to shoulder length. It’s characteristically straight, and only rarely curly (either by nature or design). If lower class, she wears a knee-length skirt, plus a simple band of cloth around her breasts; she doesn’t have any footwear or head wear. Women of higher class or greater means may change the cut or style of these garments, but still retain the basic two-piece arrangement. Their jewelry typically runs to simply necklaces or bracelets of silver or gold; standard sizes of these items are often used as a form of currency.

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None – These are one of the many “Baseline” humans of the Atlantean world.

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