Eidetic Memory

A character with this Talent has a photographic memory. He can remember images and other sensations which he’s studied (including written pages) with near photographic exactness.

This doesn’t mean he remembers everything that happens perfectly, or that he doesn’t forget facts over time. But he can remember any information he memorizes exactly, down to the smallest detail. Functionally, it allows the character to smuggle information very safely (he stores it in his head); he can also memorize phone books, code books, and the like. He doesn’t have to make a roll to perform this Talent; it always succeeds.

Eidetic Memory applies to all Senses, not just Sight. If a character can only remember particular types of sensations (such Visual Only, or Audio Only), he may buy his Eidetic Memory with a – 1 Limitation (or – 1/2 for only two Senses).

Eidetic Memory doesn’t teach a character any Skills, even though he can recall facts from books he’s read. A character may spend Experience Points to retain any information he studies as permanent KSs or SSs, or use Eidetic Memory as an in-game explanation for his ability to learn Skills quickly. However, most Skills require more than simple “book learning,” so just studying them in a text isn’t a good way to learn them.

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Eidetic Memory

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