Empyreans are far too high powered for a PC to play, without raising the whole campaign to “Superheroic” levels. The base Package Deal for an Empyrean is a whopping 377 Points! (and is therefore not included here. However, the Children of an Empyrean are playable.)

Empyreans are the immortal residents of the hidden city of Arcadia. They sometimes leave their beloved City of Gold to mingle in disguise with humanity, whether to learn, to spy, to trade, or for some other purpose.

Empyreans have no particular stereotypical appearance (other than “extremely good-looking”) — in many ways they’re the ultimate individualists. Some could pass for Atlanteans, other favour bizarre hair and eye colours that set them apart from everyone else on the planet; some dress like humans, others have their own unique fashion sense.

Human Descendants of an Empyrean
Empyreans can mate with Humans, but this does not result in low-powered “crossbreeds.” One such birth in a thousand is an Empyrean (what the Empyreans refer to as the “Third Generation”). The other 999 are ordinary Humans — though they almost always are remarkably attractive, healthy, and intelligent.

Package Deal

3 + 3 Strength
3 + 1 Dexterity
6 + 3 Constitution
5 + 5 Intelligence
3 + 3 Presence
2 + 4 Comliness
- 5 Distinctive Feature: Child of an Empyrean (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
17 Total Cost of Package

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