Environmental Movement

A character with this Talent can move easily and without restrictions in environments which hamper most characters. For example, walking or fighting on ice without slipping is difficult, as is doing just about anything underwater. A character with Environmental Movement does not suffer the standard penalties associated with a specific environment (characters must buy this Talent separately for each type of environment). Instead, he may move, act, and fight in the chosen environment as if born to it — with his full movement rate, CV, DCs, and Skill Roll. For further information on the penalties associated with certain environments, see Environmental Conditions, in the Hero System Rules, page 379.

Examples of Environmental Movements

Aquatic Movement (no penalties while in water): 3 Character Points
Icewalking (no penalties on slippery surfaces): 1 Character Point
I Can Drunk Just As Good Fight! (no penalties for intoxication): 3 Character Points
Supreme Balance (no penalties on narrow surfaces): 3 Character Points

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Environmental Movement

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