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The ancient land of Eshuna is a place of exotic legends, mysterious lore, and a civilization that accounted itself old when the Dominion was just a-borning. It fell to the conquering armies of Atlantis when they overcame its powerful magics, though for many years thereafter pockets of rebellion existed. One by one the Atlanteans found them and crushed them, and now, over two millennia later, it has become a firm and loyal part of the Dominion without losing its unique culture.

The capital of Eshuna is Mursali on the Sivrek River, thought by some wizards to be the oldest continually-inhabited city in the world. Dominating the elaborate (and sometimes confusing) cityscape is the Great Tower at the city’s center, seat of Eshuna’s government and palace of its prince. The Tower is enormous, as big at its base as a city block, and rises up and up until its pinnacle cuts the clouds. The higher one’s office or chambers, or the higher one is allowed to climb in the Tower, the more powerful or favored one is. Prince Heshekem, the current ruler, is an intelligent and capable man, though it’s sometimes said his fondness for women and wine is a bit too strong for his own good. He spends most of his time in the Great Tower, rarely venturing outside.

Most Eshunans are farmers or fishermen, but trade is an important part of the province’s economy. Goods from all the lands around the Gulf of Eshuna come to Mursali and are then transported overland by caravan to western ports, where they are put on ships that sail to the Inland Sea of Khotar and thence to Tel’Ramas or Atlantis. Eshuna produces many goods of its own, and is particularly known for its distinctive jewelry, which comes into fashion in Atlantis every few decades.

While they’re rarely as powerful as Atlantean mages, Eshunan wizards have a well-deserved reputation for learning, wisdom, and skill. Their arcane lore dates back millennia and is usually recorded in large scrolls that are passed from master to favored apprentice over the generations. Compared to Atlantean magic, Eshunan magic focuses on the conjuration of monsters and demons, and on spells that require inscribed talismans (i.e., an Expendable Focus) to unleash their power. Eshunan wizards often use rings to hold spells and enchantments; it’s not uncommon for an accomplished wizard to have two or more rings on all ten of his fingers.

Zhargond’s Vortex
Nearly 300 years ago wizards all over the world felt a strange disturbance, like a snap in the arcane energies surrounding them. Responding to this feeling, several of them were able to trace it to a source in southern Eshuna.
Where once had stood the tower of the wizard Zhargond, an accomplished practitioner of Eshunan wizardry, now stood a swirling purple vortex of mystic energies. It wasn’t spreading and it wasn’t hurting anything, but its exact cause was (and remains) a mystery. Several wizards tried to stop it or contain it; none succeeded, and several were injured when their spells backfired on them. To this day spells cast in the vicinity of the Vortex sometimes fail to work properly, often to the caster’s detriment. And Zhargond himself has not been seen since that day, though oracles differ as to whether he died or left Atlantis’s plane of reality.
Atlan Vondarien has decreed that no one may approach closer to the Vortex than five miles without permission from him. A series of stone markers has been placed warning the curious not to go further in.

Concerns about Kaphtoran schemes and evil have plagued Eshuna for centuries. To guard its border with the shadowy kingdom to the east, Eshuna constructed the fortress Anzir (which means “the Mighty One” in Eshunan). Built on top of (and into) a bluff that can easily be approached only from one side, Anzir stands as a silent but unmistakeable warning to the Kaphtorans. A small town has grown up near it to cater to the needs of the soldiers assigned there.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Eshuna 8 -
L: Eshunan (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Jeweller – Pick one) 11 -

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Eshuna Package

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