Everyman Skills

All characters have some ability in a few Skills to reflect the fact that everybody knows how to do these things to some extent. The actual “Everyman” Skills vary according to the genre and the campaign setting. The Everyman skills for inhabitants of the Dominion of Atlantis are presented below. (If the character comes from an extremely unusual culture, he might have different Everyman Skills.)

You should note them on your character’s sheet, but since they’re free, you shouldn’t include the cost in the character’s total cost. A character can purchase and improve these Skills just like any other Skills, but he must pay the full cost – the Everyman Familiarity doesn’t reduce the cost.

Despite the name, Everyman Skills are really Everycharacter Skills. Not every single person in a given society has these Skills, but every PC and prominent NPC does. Heroes, after all, generally tend to be more competent at a wide variety of abilities than the average person.

In addition to these Skills please see the Cultures of Atlantis section for additions to this list.

Skill Roll or Level
Acting 8 -
Climbing 8 -
Concealment 8 -
Conversation 8 -
Deduction 8 -
Healing 8 -
Persuasion 8 -
Shadowing 8 -
Stealth 8 -

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Everyman Skills

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