Evoia is a green and fruitful land of light forests, broad meadows split by streams and shallow rivers, and low hills. It has a slightly cool climate and gets lots of rain, especially in the spring and autumn. Evoian farmers have found that this makes many parts of the kingdom perfect for growing wine-grapes. Sold in distinctively-shaped long, two-handled pottery jugs, Evoian wine is shipped all over Atlantis (and even beyond) and is often considered the best in the world.

Arapathos, the king’s seat of Evoia, is known as the “City of Palaces” thanks to King Azaes’s penchant for building (see below). Even the poorest sections of the city are full of well-made stone buildings, and the domains of the wealthy and powerful are some of the largest, most elaborate, most rococo residences in all of Atlantis. Legend says that the moonlight reflecting off all of the white marble used in the city shines back into the heavens so brightly that the gods can see it from Mt. Oeranos.

Evoia controls one of Atlantis’s three main orichalcum mines. King Azaes protects it with with walls, guards, and mystic wards almost as strong as those that defend the Atlan’s palace!

Many of the rivers and streams of western and southern Evoia flow not into the sea, but into mighty Lake Apythmynos, the largest body of fresh water in Atlantis. Many Evoians fish its rich waters, while others hunt the shorebirds that cluster along its banks. Several centuries ago a flock of monstrous raptors, the Geraxian Hawks, plagued the lake and nearby communities by preying on birds, livestock, and even small children. A noble hero named Kreusos devised a cunning plan whereby he lured the wicked birds into a trap, killing nearly twenty of them and driving the survivors away for good. The Geraxian Hawks have never been seen again.

At its southern end Lake Apythmynos’s waters pour over a massive cliff to form the most spectacular waterfall in the world, the Cataracts of Vorond. The sound of the falls can be heard ten leagues distant, and is so loud close-up that no conversation can be conducted within a mile of them. Waters taken directly from the falls (typically with the help of a levitation-spell) are considered both delicious and especially healthy.

Azaes is ruler over Evoia. Renowned in song and legend as a mighty warrior, he’s said to be the strongest of the Ten Brothers. Stories claim that he can hurl a spear farther than any ballista, kill an ox with a single blow from his massive fist, and pick up gigantic boulders and fling them at his enemies the way a common soldier slings stones. His sword Gevarus is so large most men can’t swing it, and his shield Gesteron so heavy they can’t even lift it!

Like his brother Euaemon Azaes has found the ban of the Prophecy of the Thrones troubling… though not so troubling that he’d risk losing his powers and birthright by leaving Atlantis. No longer able to make war or go on adventures, he’s turned his considerable gifts to architecture, earning the sobriquet “Azaes the Builder.” Partly through ordinary means and partly through his own magic and strength, he’s built hundreds of buildings, ranging from sturdy, functional warehouses on Arapathos’s waterfront to shining, many-towered palaces for his nobles. He gives buildings as gifts to those he favors the way other kings give jewelry or weapons.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Atlantis 8 -
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: (Pick One) (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Potter, Stonemason, Winemaker – Pick one) 11 -

Nonhumans Available: Alarii, Centaur

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