This Perk means someone, or some organization, owes the character a favour.

A Favour functions like a Contact with a 14 – roll. However, once the character uses the Favour, it’s gone — he can only call in a Favour once. Really large tasks may require him to call in several Favours. Use the guidelines from the Contact Modifiers Table to determine how easily a character can call a Favour in.

Most Favours cost 1 Character Point. More important Favours, or Favours owed by particularly powerful or important people, may cost more. Again, use the modifiers for Contacts as a guideline. But since a character can only use a Favour once, it should generally be much cheaper than a Contact.

Some GMs often award Favours to PCs as part of the Experience Points for an adventure. For instance, if the characters save an admiral’s life during an adventure, the GM might give each of them a Favour from that admiral. If PCs buy Favours on their own, the GM should approve every Favour to make sure it doesn’t unbalance the campaign.

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