Follow-Through Attack

A character with this Talent is accomplished at striking down multiple foes in combat. After he kills one enemy, he may immediately make another attack against any enemy in HTH Combat range. He does not have to use this Talent, he can decide when to use it and against whom.

In game terms, this Talent consists of a naked Trigger Advantage on any weapon the character uses – up to a total of HKA 4d6 (if the character can do more damage than that, he must either limit himself to 4d6, or increase the cost of the Talent to compensate). The Trigger is “when character kills an opponent in battle”.

The Trigger takes a Half Phase Action to re-set, so the character can only make one Follow-Through Attack per Phase (even if the original attack involves Autofire, Sweep, or other means of hitting multiple targets, or he kills the target he hits with his Follow-Through Attack). He must make an Attack Roll to hit the follow through target.

Making a Follow-Through Attack costs the character 1 END.

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Follow-Through Attack

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