Gadarica Package

Like Darvilos, Gardarica was essentially conquered away from Lemuria and into the Dominion. Until the late 12000s it was a province of Lemuria, one of the undersea empire’s main sources of certain types of food, including wheat. Eager to augment its own holdings and harm Lemuria, Atlantis fought a series of minor wars in western Sangobar with its ancient enemy. Spirydon’s Chasm is but one of many remnants of those wars still visible today.

After inflicting several telling defeats on the Lemurians, the Atlanteans gave the Gardaricans and Darvilans a choice: join the Dominion or suffer the same fate as the Lemurian armies. The Darvilans hemmed, and hawed, and tried to negotiate, but in the end capitulated. The Gardaricans were even more reluctant. “The luck of battle can go to either side,” they said, “and it may be that next time the Lemurians will defeat you, and punish us harshly if we acquiesce to your demands. Prove to us that the greater power is yours, that Lemuria cannot hope to defeat you, and we will judge your demands just.”

Without saying a word, Elasippus, who commanded the Atlantean forces, left the king’s hall and strode to the shore. He raised his arms and began casting a mighty spell. The ground rumbled and shook, and waves lashed the shore… and at his command, a new island rose above the waters just off the Gardarican coast.

The earthquakes and enormous waves that resulted greatly damaged Nystria, but never again did the Gardaricans question the power of Atlantis. Today the island is the site of a large temple to Poseidon. Since joining the Dominion, Gardarica has been loyal, though at times something of a thorn in King Gadrius’s side. The Gardarican princes, such as the current ruler Prince Zarmos, have a tendency to question, quibble, and complain. They do not disobey commands, but they have a knack for interpreting them in ways that favor themselves.

The Gardaricans are known to be great lovers of music. The public performances sponsored every month by the Prince (or a notable noble) often attract Atlantean listeners, and more than one Atlantean player has proudly used a fine Gardarican instrument. Some folk claim that a skilled Gardarican bard can weave spells with his songs, but others dismiss this as nonsense.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Gadarica 8 -
L: Gadarican (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean (No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Farmer, Fisherman, Musician, Singer – pick one) 11 -

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Gadarica Package

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