The people of the Empire of Hazaria are a sometimes-fractious group of clansmen linked by a common ethnicity, language, and religion. They’re similar to, though apparently not related to, the Northlanders of Pelasgar. Compared to average humans Hazarians tend to be strong, sturdy, and healthy. They have white skin, similar to that of Atlanteans.

A Hazarian male is usually around six feet tall, broad-shouldered, and barrel-chested. His hair is most likely blonde, though brown is also common (and red regarded as a sign of good or bad fortune, depending on the person’s date of birth), and it’s usually cut short in a simple style. He wears a well tanned, long-sleeved leather tunic with laced thongs up the front half of the chest; if he’s of the upper classes or well off,it will have fine embroidery along the hems and cuffs. He also has equally well-made leather pants and boots, and in inclement weather a fur cape.

The Hazarian female is a little shorter — 5’7” to 5’10” — and usually considered attractive. She has the same color hair (though blonde is by far the most common shade for her) that she usually wears loose and unstyled. It’s most often straight, but someone women do have a bit of curl and bounce to their hair. She wears a single-piece, long-sleeve dress of fine linen with an attractive decolletage, plus hard-soled slippers on her feet. During cold weather she adds a sort of fur overcloak, and may wear pants-like leggings underneath her dress for additional warmth.

The Boralans
Possibly related to the Hazarians, but possibly a distinct people of unknown origins, the residents of the Borala Islands look much like their Hazarian neighbors. However, their skin tends to be ruddier, they’re on average an inch or three shorter, and their faces tend to be rounder-looking (and their bodies generally just a bit more prone to pudginess).

Package Deal

Cost Ability
3 +3 Strength
4 +2 Constitution
2 + 1 Body
- 5 Distinctive Feature: Hazarian (or Boralan) (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
4 Total Cost of Package

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