Magnificent Helios, handsomest of the gods, brings the lifegiving rays of the sun to man. Every morning Helios rises and, after receiving permission from Astranar to walk in his realm, puts on the Sun Crown and treads across the sky. At the end of the day he steps off the path, bringing darkness to the world and clearing the way for his sister Selene’s own journey.

Atlantean legends still tell of a time long ago when Astranar, angry with Helios for paying too much “attention” to one of his sky-nymph daughters, refused the sun god permission to walk in the sky. For days the enraged sky-god kept the sun from the sky until mortals, freezing and starving, won through to him with their prayers and he once again allowed Helios to make his travels on the celestial road.

When Helios appears to mortals he must use magic to “diminish” his appearance, for so handsome is he, and so bright the Sun Crown, that his mere presence would blast a person to ashes in an instant. Instead he assumes the form of an extremely handsome young man wearing a red tunic whose blonde hair shines like the sun. When evil confronts the gods Helios dons his golden armor and wields the Sunstone, a weapon that can emit beams of light so powerful they can cut through anything, even armor forged by his brother Phestos. He also has a bow that fires deadly beams of sun-fire. His symbol is the Sun Crown itself, from which seven rays of light project.

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