The Insectare are a humanoid race rumoured to be the result of Lemurian experimentation with humans and insects. Whatever the truth of their origins, they appear as bipedal creatures with a mix of insectoid and mammalian traits.

Their head, body, arms, and legs are covered in a chitinous substance, which provides them with natural armour, but does not cover their face or hands. Their natural skin-colour is a kind of dirty green and they have two 2 meter long extremely flexible antennae that sprout from behind their ears, and at close range their eyes can be seen to be multi-faceted. For this reason, when wandering amongst other races, the Insectare like to wear concealing clothing, such as long cloaks with hoods which they can hide their antennae within.

Insectare seem to be almost emotionless, finding things such as humour and sarcasm to be difficult subjects to understand. (Useable as Psychological Limitations)

They are almost always ruthless in battle, and they are capable of learning to use their antennae to lash out at opponents similar to using whips. When they are not concealed under hoods or cloaks, the Insectare can also use their antennae to manipulate small objects within a couple of meters with limited manipulation.

The Insectare language is made up of antennae movements and pheromonal triggers, and is thus impossible for non-Insectare to speak (except via magic). For this reason, Insectare all speak at least one additional Language (the language on their Cultural package), and only use Insectare to speak amongst themselves.

Insectare often rally behind a cause, or a charismatic leader, either of their own race, or another, as they are easily led by powerful, charismatic figures. When following a cause or leader, it is not uncommon for an Insectare to be willing to sacrifice themselves for that person or cause.

They are almost universally treated with contempt, because of their insectoid traits, which are seen as unnatural even by the god-touched Atlantean citizens.

Package Deal

Cost Ability
5 Language: Insectare (4 points with “literacy” (Reading Pheromonal messages)
6 Antennae: Extra Limbs (2), Inherent, Limited Manipulation, PLUS 1" Stretching Inherent, No noncombat stretching, only for Antennae
12 Chitinous Exoskeleton: 6/6 Armour (does not cover face or hands (Locations 3 and 6))
3 + 3 Strength
6 + 3 Constitution
6 + 3 Body
3 + 3 Presence
4 + 4" Leaping
5 Multifaceted Eyes: 240 Degree Perception for Sight Group
9 + 3 PER with All Sense Groups
5 Pheromonal Communication:Transmit Sense Modifier on Smell/Taste Group
- 15 Distinctive Feature: Insectare (Concealable with Effort, Causes Extreme Reaction (Disgust))
- 10 Vulnerability: 1½x Effect of Presence Attacks or Skills
39 Total Cost of Package


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