The people of Kaphtor (and to a lesser extent the similar people of Kalla’har) are widely regarded with suspicion. It’s said that Kaphtorans practice strange, unwholesome rites to propitiate their dark gods, that their mages are masters of strange shadow magics, and that Kaphtoran assassins are the most skilled killers in the world (though the poisoners of Ka’lesh loudly dispute the latter claim). Few people venture into Kaphtor willingly; the Kaphtorans must travel from their homeland if they wish to trade. Fortunately for them, they have many goods desired by people of other lands.

The average Kaphtoran male is about 5’8” tall. He has dark skin, darker even than that of a Deogharan. His hair is short and black; so are his beard and moustache (very few men are clean shaven, and beards are sometimes dyed unusual colours, especially by mages). His typical garb is a dark-coloured robe with a flared collar and long, wide sleeves, plus a wrapped head cloth. He usually wears one of the distinctively wavy-bladed Kaphtoran daggers on one hip… and only he knows how many other daggers he might have hidden on his person.

Kaphtoran woman are slightly shorter than the men — 5’2” to 5’5”, typically. They have the same skin tone and black hair as the men, but by religious and social custom must wear their hair long (at least just below the shoulder, and waist length or longer is not uncommon). Her clothing, which is usually in much brighter colours than men’s clothing, is a two-piece outfit similar to that of Atlantean women but even more revealing most of the time. Kaphtoran women are sometimes regarded as exotically beautiful by men of other lands, but anyone who goes to Kaphtor in search of a bride is taking his life into his own hands — the men of Kaphtor do not respond pleasantly to efforts to “steal their women.”

Package Deal

Cost Ability
3 +3 Intelligence
3 +3 Presence
1 + 2 Comliness
- 5 Distinctive Feature: Kaphtoran (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
2 Total Cost of Package

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