Kaphtoran Magic

The Kaphtorans practice the same style of magic as the Atlanteans, with a few important differences.

First, the Kaphtorans access spells differently. Some they generally don’t know at all, and they don’t have a “Lesser Powers” VPP. Second, they learn Shadow spells more easily, and often in more powerful versions, than Atlantean wizards. They can buy the Light Multipower at the same time as their Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Multipowers, and for the same cost: 1 Character Point per 10 points in the reserve. As part of their Shadow magic they often learn many spells of Black Magic (see The Fantasy Hero Grimoire II).

Second, Kaphtoran mages don’t rely on orichalcum or other substances to provide power for their spells. Instead, during apprenticeship every Kaphtoran mage creates a powerful tool, his Wizard’s Staff. His staff links him to the awesome mystic power of the Noctis Shard (a giant, purple crystal hanging in midair above their cap[ital city, rumoured to be powered and created by their great, dark unnamed god), thus providing the “fuel” for his spells. In game terms a Kaphtoran Wizard’s Staff is an Endurance Reserve, usually with a large amount of END and a significant REC. If a Kaphtoran mage’s Staff is taken away, he can only use personal END for his spells. The same would occur if a Staff’s link to the Noctis Shard were somehow severed or blocked, but there are no recorded instances of this ever happening.

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Kaphtoran Magic

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