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The highland kingdom of Khirbet occupies a plateau between the southern Sharakkian Mountains and a range of hills and cliffs that create a natural border with Mitania and Saskia. There are only three ways to reach it by land. The most common is the upland route from Therek, often known as “the Khirbet Stair.” There’s also a narrow pass through the hills from Mitania, though this is a dangerous route not only because of the potential for rockslides but because several monsters live nearby and prey on unwary travelers. The worst of these is a gigantic, monstrous eagle named Rudara, who can carry away objects as large as a horse in a single enormous talon. As intelligent as a man and seemingly gifted with magical powers of invisibility, Rudara has eluded all attempts to kill it or drive it away. Lastly, there’s a route from Saskia through a gap between the mountains and the hills, but few travelers use this wilderness route.

The Khirbets are a small, quiet people who prefer to keep to themselves; most of them don’t seem to care for visitors, not even traders. Typically they farm during the short growing season and herd long-haired goats the rest of the year. Atlantean legends claim that the Khirbets were once mighty wizards with a unique style of magic that involved calling on demons the sorcerers called lamsara, but the invading Atlanteans crushed the Khirbets so forcefully that knowledge of lamsara magic was lost forever.

After the conquest, the Atlanteans appointed a tractable noble from the House of Khat to rule in the Atlan’s name. (Khirbet nobility is organized into dozens of groups the Atlanteans call “houses,” but a better term would be “network” since a House is linked by marriage and commercial relationships, not just blood ties.) The Khat princes have ruled ever since, making theirs the longest dynasty in Pelasgar. The current Prince, Hamurran, is a proud and arrogant man who does as little as possible to attract the attention of King Euaemon so that he doesn’t have to be directly reminded of the fact that he must follow the orders of another man.

Everyman Skill Addition Rating
AK: Khirbet 8 -
L: Khirbetan (No Literacy) Rank 4
L: Atlantean(No Literacy) Rank 3
PS: (Miner, Shepherd – Pick one) 11 -

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Khirbet Package

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