The Lemurians, a proud and ancient people, often seem like a dark mirror image of the Atlanteans. They average about 6’0” to 6’2” for the males, and 5’4” to 5’10” for the females. They tend toward black or brown hair and dark eyes. Among men, hair is kept short and stylish beards and moustaches are common. Lemurian women, like their Atlantean counterparts, favour long hair kept under control with stylish arrangements.

The typical fashion for Lemurian males is a knee-length, long-sleeved tunic that buttons down the centre to the belt. Compared to an Atlantean tunic it’s made of sturdier material and most often comes in dark colours, such as burgundy or navy blue. Matching pants and a set of high leather boots complete the outfit, but as an added touch high-ranking Lemurians wear a sword and dagger most of the time. Warfare among Lemurian houses is not uncommon, so a wise man is prepared to protect himself. If possible the swords are decorated and enchanted, for example the hilts might be gold and display a martial motif (like a hawk’s head for a pommel, or a guard in the shape of a serpent).

Lemurian women dress more simply and elegantly. The standard garment is a single-piece ankle-length gown in a muted colour (like mist green, pale blue, or dove grey) that leaves her arms bare; it’s belted at the waist with a decorative cord or sash. Sandals serve as footwear, and she accentuates the whole with a few pieces of jewellery (usually not so fine or valuable as those worn by Atlantean women).

Package Deal

Cost Ability
2 + 1 Constitution
1 + 1 Intelligence
3 + 3 Presence
2 Lemurian Longevity: Life Suppoty (Longevity: 300 year Lifespan)
- 5 Distinctive Feature: Lemurian (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
3 Total Cost of Package

On rare occasions, a Lemurian child is born who’s a throwback to the time before the “great spell” (page 56). Instead of looking human, they’re reptilian. At the very least they have scaly skin and serpentine eyes; some “regress” even further and have claws, fangs, tails, or the like. Typically they’re physically powerful, and many possess other strange reptilian or mystical powers. A few even have the old Lemurian power of shapeshifting. While they don’t like to look at them, regular Lemurians consider the throwbacks to be important members f their society and often groom them for leadership positions in the military or other important institutions.

Base Package Deal

Cost Ability
10 + 10 Strength
9 + 3 Dexterity
20 + 10 Constitution
5 + 5 Presence
8 + 8 Physical Defence
6 + 6 Energy Defence
9 Scaly Skin: Damage Resistance 10/8
5 Reptilian Eyes: Nightvision
- 10 Distinctive Feature: Throwback Lemurian (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognised)
62 Total Cost of Package

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