Lemurian Magic

The Lemurian magic practiced by Lemuran “true sorcerers” is basically the same as Atlantean magic. It involves manipulation of the same elements and uses many of the same spells. However, there are some important differences.

First, Lemurian sorcery focuses almost entirely on the first four Atlantean elements: Air; Earth; Fire; Water. The Multipowers for these spells cost the same as for Atlantean wizards, 1 Character Point per 10 points (or fraction thereof) in the reserve. Light and Order Multipowers cost 1 Character Point per 2 points (or fraction thereof) in the reserve. Arcane Multipowers cost 1 Character Point per 1 point in the reserve.

Second, Lemurians sorcerers refer to their Variable Power Pool of lesser spells as a Minor Magics VPP. They get this for free by taking the 10-point Lemurian Sorcerer Perk.

Third, Lemurian sorcery depends not on the power of orichalcum but on four mystic Elemental Substances discovered long ago: ignaetium (Fire); crystallos (Earth); corusqua (Water, also associated with storms and lightning); and fulminor (Air). Lemurian spells and magiconstructs draw power from these substances in much the same way as Atlanteans’ do from orichalcum, though the need for four materials instead of one is less efficient (and generally less powerful). Light, Order, and Arcane spells draw their power (their END) from all four substances equally (thus, if a spell from one of those categories costs 20 END, each of the caster’s four substances loses 5 END worth of power; the GM should apportion fractions as he sees fit). Lemurian sorcerers buy access to these substances as a Perk.

Fourth, Lemurian spells typically take longer to cast. The standard casting time is a Full Phase, not a Half Phase as usual. Spells with Extra Time (Full Phase) take a Lemurian an Extra Phase to cast; other forms of Extra Time are the same.

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Lemurian Magic

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