Lemurian Sorcerer

The Lemurian sorcerer is one of the most respected members of his society and the repository for the ancient lore of his people. Sorcerers are divided into two types: true sorcerers and sorcerer-scientists. The vast majority of Lemurian sorcerers are “true sorcerers.” They cast spells similar to those of the Atlanteans, but different in some ways (see Chapter Seven). They use ‘pure’ amounts of the four elemental substances to fuel their spells, rather than orichalcum.

Cost Ability
9 + 3 DEX
5 + 5 INT
10 + 5 EGO
5 + 5 PRE
3 + 1 with Lemurian Sorcery
3 Spell Research
3 KS: Lemurian History And Culture (INT)
3 KS: Lemurian Arcane And Occult Lore (INT)
1 Literacy
3 Mechanics
7 Magic: Lemurian Magic (INT + 2)
10 Perk: Lemurian Sorcerer (includes Minor Magics VPP for free; see Magic Section)
5 Perk: Corusqua Supply
5 Perk: Crystallos Supply
5 Perk: Fulminor Supply
5 Perk: Ignaetium Supply
60 Lemurian Sorcery: Arkanoi Segalos (Greater Powers) Multipowers and spells (see Magic Section)
Value Disadvantage
5 Rivalry: Professional, with one or more other Lemurian sorcerers

Total Cost Of Package: 137

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Lemurian Sorcerer

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