Lemurian Sorcerer-Scientist

Sorcerer-scientists possess no personal magical abilities. They are basically scholars who’ve dedicated their lives to the study of the elemental substances that are the basis for Lemurian alchemy and mechano- mysticism. Just like their true sorcerer peers, they can create and repair Lemurian equipment – if anything, they’re actually better at it – and because of this, they perform a valuable function in society in general, and military matters in particular. Most Lemurians treat sorcerer-scientists with respect (some true sorcerers view them with contempt), but fewer of them exist than the true sorcerers simply because it’s frustrating to study magic for a lifetime and never gain the ability to use it fully.

In game terms, a sorcerer-scientist doesn’t have the Lemurian Sorcerer Perk (and thus no Minor Magics VPP) and doesn’t buy spells. However, he does buy the various Lemurian Magical Substances Perks, using the substances to create potions, enchanted items, and magiconstructs.

Cost Characteristic
3 + 1 DEX
5 + 5 INT
4 + 2 EGO
7 Inventor (INT + 2)
3 KS: Lemurian History And Culture (INT)
5 KS: Lemurian Arcane And Occult Lore (INT+ 2)
1 Literacy
7 Mechanics (INT + 2)
3 PS: Sorcerer-Scientist (INT)
5 Perk: Corusqua Supply
5 Perk: Crystallos Supply
5 Perk: Fulminor Supply
5 Perk: Ignaetium Supply
Value Disadvantage
5 Rivalry: Professional, with one or more other Lemurian sorcerers or sorcerer-scientist

Total Cost Of Package: 53

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Lemurian Sorcerer-Scientist

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